Colour combinations:
1. red star inside, white inner panel, dark blue outer panel
2. white star inside, yellow/white inner panel, red outer panel
3. orange star inside, white inner panel, green outer panel
4. light blue star inside, white inner panel, dark blue outer panel

(For printing reasons the colours shown above can differ slightly from the original)

*The particularly favorable prices are possible by the standardised sizes and are handed on to the customers by LEE SAILS not only at the exhibitions, but all-the-year.




Standard sizes at particularly favourable prices.

Quality characteristics of LEE SAILS Tristar-Blister (Gennaker) made out of

Fell seam working in triple stitch. Double edge seaming. Doubling at clews, neck and head for better force transmission into the blister. Broad head fan for better profile. Supporting thimbles of Niro laid underneath with synthethic material, additionally bordered with straps. Leather bordering at exposed edge sites, head swivel, snap shackle pre-assembled at neck. Pack sack kept open by a sewn in Niro ring. Also available with sock LEESA when desired.

To take along on the exhibitions as long as the stock lasts. Otherwise 3-4 weeks delivery time.